Friday, February 15, 2013

Be my Valentine...

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite days to celebrate with the kids. There are so many cute things to do and I love seeing the surprise and excitement on my daughter's face. Plus, this year was extra special because of my newest Valentine and of course, it's an excuse for a date night with the hubby :) I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's as much as I did. Here's a run down of our special day.

We started the day off with heart shaped pancakes. Here you will find a recipe from  scratch {heart pancakes}. I'm not a morning person so at 6:30 am all I wanted to do was add water and shake.

They were just as delicious!

Next up, a lunch surprise for McKenzie. This required a little planning ahead but it turned out perfect! I bought a $3 box of chocolates at Wal-Mart and ate all the chocolates inside. Happy Valentine's Day to me :)

Then, I cut out the divider section of plastic by running an exacto knife around the edge.

My plan for this special lunch was to make everything heart shaped. McKenzie's latest lunch craze are pizza lunchables so I cutout the pizza bread and pepperonis with heart shaped cookie cutters. Then, I put each item in an individual ziplock baggy. I also packed a few heart shaped marshmallows, a heart shaped Little Debbie snack, and strawberries that I sliced and cut into hearts.

Everything fit great into the chocolate box and she loved it!
You can find another cute idea for lunch in a chocolate box at Katherine Marie.

Last but not least, a Valentine treat for the hubs.

Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Bars: one layer red velvet brownies, one layer oreo truffle, and one layer melted chocolate with mini chocolate chips. DELICIOUS!!
You can find the complete recipe at Pizzazzerie.

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