Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DIY Photo Canvas

Every time I've had family pictures made, I have wanted a canvas print. But holy-moley they cost so much! Then I started seeing tutorials pop up all over Pinterest to make your own canvas and I knew I had to try it. As with every project I try for the first time, I learned some things to do different next time {which is great for you!}.

It begins with this awesome app I was introduced to by Melissa at The Happier Homemaker. The app is called Waterlogue and it turns your picture into a watercolor painting.

So cool, right?!

So, here's what you need for the canvas:
  • A picture {printed on regular computer paper, nothing fancy. I wanted a border of canvas around my pic so my image was 9x9}
  • Canvas {because my pic originated on Instagram I used a square canvas, 10x10}
  • Liquitex Gloss Gel Medium {either gloss or matte is fine, I used gloss}
  • Old English Furniture Polish
{Important Reminder: You will be putting your picture face down on the canvas so your final image will be reversed. If it is important that your image remain as it is originally, be sure to print your picture as a mirror image.}

The first step is to evenly brush a thin coat of Liquitex onto the canvas. It is important that it is smooth without any globs. Then place your picture face down and smooth out all the bubbles. You want to make sure every bit of the picture is pressed onto the Liquitex. Let this dry over night.

In this step you have to remove the paper leaving only the ink print of your image. It is best to work slow and in small sections at a time. In order to remover the paper you must soak the paper with water and rub it off. To do this I used a rag dipped in a glass of water and then squeezed it over the area I wanted to work in. You want enough water to soak the paper good but not enough to leave a puddle. You will get the feel of how much water to use. I also found it best to rub the paper off with my fingers rubbing in a circular motion. This way I was able to feel the smoothness when I reached the ink. Be careful because you can rub the ink off leaving a splotch of bare canvas. If you are going for a distressed look it will work as long as the area isn't too big.

When all of the paper is removed I wet my hand in the sink and gently rubbed the entire canvas to remove any remaining pieces of paper. This is also where I scuffed up my edges so it wasn't such a harsh line. I tried several things {a rough sponge, my fingernail, a wire brush} each creates a different kind of look. Let me know what works for you. I wasn't totally thrilled with any of my methods, but they did work. Then let the canvas dry.

When you go to check the dryness of the canvas don't freak out when it's all cloudy like this. That's where the furniture polish comes in. Using a rag, rub the canvas with furniture polish and it will remove  the cloudy paper residue.

loved how it turned out and I can't wait to make more! Let me know how yours turned out. Did you use a regular picture or did you fall in love with Waterlogue?


  1. I came over from a comment you left on my blog. I've been hearing about this app but haven't been sold. Now I'm sold. This is really neat! Great idea.

    Shannon ~

    1. Thank you so much! I'm in love with the app and it's great because it does square photos and regular sized photos so you aren't limited to just square like Instagram.

  2. What a great idea! This seems easy enough, I think I will give it a try!

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  4. What a gorgeous photo canvas! I've printed photos on canvas before, but this is something else! I shall try it when I get a chance :)

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